UW Is Throwing A "White Privilege" Party

UW Is Throwing A "White Privilege" Party

Each one of you, I got truly enabled early today. Like, truly engaged. We got a tip through our tipline that understudies at the University of Washington were flinging a "Check Your Privilege Party." I solidified, and squinted, and lost my cerebrum for a minute. This was it. There would be a get-together to ridiculing white individuals. Some really committed visitors may shape a golf truck out of cardboard to move in. They will serve spaghetti with cut up wiener, and everybody will drink Riesling. The ladies will wear sensible heels and Bermuda shorts and nobody will be permitted to move! This is everything! 

A bit "in the event that we fume, you burst with us" for my acknowledging, yet I get the message. Home girl loathes Greeks and she's managing a rally against them. 
Truly, some Greeks were upset. That is to say, I've never been to UW, yet I'm clueless of any Greek structure that is assaulting through grounds, chopping down any individual who ruins the turn, and ambushing the ladies to acclaim their triumphs, GoT style. 

The frats have more than once struck us. Both physically and verbally, They let us know it is not all- but rather it is exorbitantly. The time it now, time they are seen as responsible for these activities. On this night we will focus faint lives, whimsical lives and especially abled/ handicapped lives, and we will check their favorable position.


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