Throwing parties for your kids

Throwing parties for your kids

It doesn't matter whether you have one kid or more, throwing parties for them is not so complicated especially when they are small.
You can literally do anything and they will still have a lot of fun, because they are too young to ask for something more.

Still if you want to throw a party that will blow your kids mind, but on the other hand don’t spend too much money, we will give you some tips in order to do that.
First you have to think about the number of guests. Our advice to you is to keep it simple, which means not to invite more than 10 kids, because everything else would be little bit too much.
Then you should pick a theme. Think about the things, heroes, stories your kid likes and then start planning.
If you have a girl you can always choose those girly colors such as pink, orange, red or purple. Maybe the pink one is the best.

Then you simply make sure to buy everything in pink color, such as decoration, food, drinks, etc. You can always tell guest to wear something in the color you have chosen.
On the other hand if you have a boy then blue, grey or even green is something that you should choose. Maybe the blue one is the best choice.

Make sure you always have some games prepared. It can be something like Charades or something with cards. Think of something fun and entertaining.
If you have a swimming pool that’s even better, because children simply love it and they can do whatever they want there.
When it comes to food and drinks pizza and burgers are the best choices, including coca-cola or any kind of soda.


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