This Called For Some Good Partying

This Called For Some Good Partying

The recent Preakness Race was like no other. The individuals who attended this race engaged in some heavy partying. Some of these individuals rented a hotel, others a boat, and others just hung around town. This was a time where everyone was together and having nothing but fun. 

For starters, there was a lot of drinking going on. People from out-of-town brought in their own beer and alcohol. For people in town, the vendors were giving great deals. The best part about it was that everyone was safe. There was no one drinking where they should not have been drinking, and there was no one drinking and driving either. 

Before and after the races, people were playing fun games and just jumping all around. There was a lot of food present. There were also a lot of games for children to play, too. No matter the age, people were having a great time. 

There was even a stand for people to do karaoke. This took place after the race. This is when people were happy because their favorite horse won. 

There was also legal betting available for people of age. This made the partying scene even better because people had more money in their pockets. This was a time like no other. Many people purchased tickets for next year even before they left the races. This is how much fun people had at this event, and this is also because tickets sell out very fast, especially when there are amazing horses racing for top prize. 

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