The Ultimate Harry Potter Birthday Party

The Ultimate Harry Potter Birthday Party

1. Convey welcomes that look like letters of acknowledgement to Hogwarts. 

2. Have your visitors enter your home the same way they'd enter Platform 9 3/4. 

3. Let your visitors try their hardest Sirius Black impression in this photograph stall. 

4. Need to take your photograph stall to the following level? Set out these Harry Potter-themed props. 

5. Hang a "Cheerful Birthday" flag that is flawlessly to subject. 

. Serve up some "Mandrake cupcakes." 

7. You can likewise serve cupcakes with these consumable Hogwarts Express toppers. 

8. One more cupcake thought — utilization sugar cones to look like wizard caps. 

9. Play "Stick the glasses on Harry." 

10. Give each of your visitors their special wand. 

11. You can likewise DIY wands utilizing cooking cleave sticks. 

12. What's more, remember — the wand picks the wizard. 

13. Include a touch of stylistic layout by having letters "fly" out of the chimney. 

14. Elixir bottles additionally make for awesome gathering adornments. 

15. Talking about mixtures, welcome your visitors to look as you brew a shading changing mixture for them to drink. 

16. You can likewise serve your visitors hand crafted butter beer. 

17. Prepare Harry Potter-themed treats. 

18. Dumbledore's Pensieve — made out of Jell-O and Cool Whip — additionally makes for a captivated treat. 

19. Let your visitors blaze off all that sugar with a match or two of terrace Quidditch. 

20. An otherworldly animals chase likewise makes for a fun action. 

21. Need an out of the crate movement? Take a stab at giving your visitors "flying lessons." 

22. Request Harry Potter cake pops your visitors will always remember. 

23. You can likewise make "Brilliant Snitch" cake pops in your own particular kitchen. 

24. These "corrosive pops" are likewise naively constructed despite the fact that they seem as though they're coordinate from Honey dukes Sweet shop. 

25. When now is the ideal time for the genuine birthday cake, serve one that reps the four principle Hogwarts house hues. 

26. Make the outside of your cake look as cool as within with these cake toppers. 

27. Complete off the gathering by having your visitors take swings at a natively constructed Dementor piñata. 

28. You can likewise arrange an uncommonly made Dementor piñata… or a Harry Potter one! 

29. Ultimately, send everybody home with this impeccable blessing pack. 

30. You can likewise DIY these Quidditch treat bags.

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