Stress Free Holiday Parties

Stress Free Holiday Parties

All you need for a good party is a group of likeminded people, some food and refreshments but along with your treats and snacks and drinks, you should have something stimulating that will truly impress your guests with your ingenuity and style.

Smart planning is the key to a successful party. An assortment of finger foods should definitely be a part of your menu. This will give your guests a relaxed atmosphere and they can eat standing up or move around and mingle at the same time. A buffet is easier to prepare and serve. Some finger foods you can try out are: sweet corn fritters, small spring rolls, an assortment of canapés with a variety of toppings, baby pizzas, cheese sticks, devilled eggs, garlic chicken bites, finger chips, dumplings with a variety of stuffing, chicken drumsticks, mini quiches and meat pies, tiny sandwich triangles, vegetable crudités with a dip...the list can be endless. Even dessert items like pastries and apple pies can be served as finger foods. You can try out something different for desserts like Edible Christmas Tree made entirely out of fruits.

For the beverages, you can have either a bar or you can have punch bowls lined up with glasses for the guests to help themselves. Or you can have one of your family members in charge of serving the drinks. Get experimental this year with a variety of cocktails, mocktails and smoothies. Traditional warm drinks are great but nothing says festive than a great mix of cocktails. Learn a few mixes if you’re new at this. Concentrates are available in stores as well as online.


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