How to throw a party while you are living with your parents

How to throw a party while you are living with your parents

Throwing a party should be fun. When you are living in your own apartment, it is, but when you are living under your parent’s roof, it sounds impossible. Actually, it is possible, you must only do more preparation. The first thing you must do is to make your parents go somewhere. Let’s, face it, nobody wants to go to some party while parents are there! You cannot do this directly, but you can have an influence on them. Suggest them that visiting some town, or going somewhere is a perfect way to have rest and relax. They can work on some problems (every marriage has one) and they will come back happy. You can add that you need some time private so you can study or prepare for school. Some parents will try to take you with them, so politely decline that!

When they leave, you have a house or apartment just for you and your friends. So, start preparing. As always, the most important thing is to invite your friends and people who wouldn’t cause any problem. In a case of problems, your neighbors can call police or your parents. Buying too much alcohol isn’t recommended in this situation! After the party is done, ask several friends to help you clean your apartment! There are too many empty bottles, cups and even someone’s cloth, so cleaning by yourself, takes too much time. With friends you can clean your apartment in 1-2 hours. Remember to put anything back as it was, so your parent doesn’t realize there was a party! If you succeed, you can make another party when the time is right.

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