How to throw a great party ?

How to throw a great party ?

We all like our friends, family, company in general. You have two types of people, the ones who like to have intimate gatherings, and the ones who like to have real parties, with lots of people.

If you wanna have something unforgettable, where you will feel like you are at one of the biggest events ever, take a look at these advices.

The best way to throw a party is to have a house party, because everything is in your control. You can choose the guest lists, how long it will last, the music, and every tiny detail.

This also has its bad side, because you have all the responsibility, and in case something fails, you will risk a bad reputation, and people will maybe decide not to come again.

When it comes to inviting the guests, you need to be very careful about that. You don't want to invite someone you don't know well, because you may never know what kind of party people they are.
Maybe they will make you a mess, and destroy everything. So choosing the right people should be your number one task.

Also very important things are definitely food and drinks. It has to be something that tastes and looks good, and when it comes to drinks, there has to be both, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverage.

If we are talking about the music, you should be the one who will make a playlist, but just make sure that it is something they can dance to, for example world greatest hits.

Make some introductions, bring people closer together, so that when you are busy doing something, they can simply chit-chat or mingle.

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