Five Keys to a Great House Party

Five Keys to a Great House Party

When it comes to throwing great house parties, there are no easy formulas to get attached to; there are, however, a few tips you might follow in order to please your guests and make them come back for more, and they can be divided in five key elements:

1.    THE PEOPLE: It’s not going to be a great party if you invite your corny uncle and it’s not going to be a cozy family gathering if all your party people from college are there. Know who to invite to what, and always have a few trustworthy friends you can count on to help with the cleaning after all’s said and done. 
2.    THE PLACE: Lock everything up. Is it fragile? Lock it up. Is it personal? Lock it up. Is it your bedroom and you don’t want to clean dirty sheets after a night of partying hard? Lock. It. Up. 
3.    THE FOOD & THE BOOZE: It’s great if you’re good at cooking and want to invite a few friends over to try that new recipe you saw online, but in case it’s a bigger get together, the traditional BYOB (bring your own booze) style is always a win. 
4.    THE MUSIC: Don’t be selfish. You might be really into that indie album you found on a thrift shop but your friends might have different opinions about it, so make sure to add different styles of music that’ll better suit your guests and don’t forget to alternate between them, or else twenty consecutive Beyoncé songs might alienate your rock-loving friends. 
5.    THE HOST: We’re not saying “don’t get drunk”, we’re just saying “don’t get drunk enough that you’ll forget that you’re running the show and, as such, you have responsibilities like refilling chip bowls, emptying trash cans, getting more ice and napkins, having small talk and making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible”. Just keep in mind that you’re supposed to enjoy the party too! 


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