Easy DIY Cards for various events

Easy DIY Cards for various events

Preparing DIY Cards have more emotional aspect associated to it as compared to market bought gifts. Not only are these cards easy on your pocket, but a great way to boost your creativity. Moreover, they make a pretty decent gift that you can adjust as per your needs. 

-    Use two different size buttons and paste it on card, then draw a few lines around it to make a boy and girl. It is perfect to commemorate your anniversary. 

-    All you need is a candle to make someone’s birthday perfect. Stick the candle on the front side of the card and write a personal hand written message below the candle. 

-    While you are ready to go artsy, don’t forget to cut paper strips of different patterns and stick on a card in form of a cake for your near one’s birthday. It is absolutely easy and simple to do.

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