Pie, be any form is always a big favorite. Key Lime Pie is must have for dessert lovers. It is a bit difficult to make but never say never. So roll up your sleeves and get ready t make this very yummy and mouth-watering dessert. 

The things or ingredients you require for this dessert are one and one by fourth cups of graham cracker crumbs, two table spoons of sugar, not more otherwise you will lose the lime flavor, five table spoons of unsalted butter, its fine if one cheats on diet once in a while, this is for the crispy crust portion. Now let’s get to the filling portion. Fourteen ounce can of sweetened condensed milk, four large egg yolks, now the most important thing, two table spoons of fresh or bottled key lime juice and also half a cup of it. If this juice is of Manhattan brand, all the more better. Now comes topping, three by four chilled heavy cream. This recipe is not for those who are on strict diet but like I said before, one is allowed to cheat on diet once in a while. 

Now the method. Preheat the oven to 350 degree F. Put together all the items for the crust portion, bind them well, press them to the bottom of the oven tray and bake it for ten minutes. Take the items for the filling portion and combine them well, pour it on the crust carefully and bake it for fifteen minutes and when it cools down, chill it for 8 hours. For topping, beat the cream and put it carefully on the stiff peaks and serve the dish with some thin slices of lime.


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