Food: A General Summary

Food: A General Summary

Food forms the basis of life on this planet irrespective of plants and animals. While the plants are self-sufficient being able to synthesize their own food, animals including the human beings are dependent on their fellow organisms including both plants as well as animal for their supply of food. Technically, food can be defined as any substance that can be consumed in order to provide the essential nutritional support, the might be required by the body. Irrespective of the origin, food consists of the essential nutrients that are required by the body to function properly.

The most essential nutrients that food must contain are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. All these substances when consumed by an organism are assimilated by its cells, which eventually provides energy thereby maintaining life as well as stimulating growth. History has observed two basic methods of food securing: one is hunting along with gathering and the other one is agriculture. While the first method is prevalent in all the members of the animal kingdom, the later part has been specifically devised by the humans.

Food Industry in the current world has become a multi-billion dollar establishment, which is responsible for supplying food energy to the world population. Food Safety and Security are one of the major concerns of almost all the governments in this world. Various renowned international agencies monitor these aspects in the food that is supplied for consumption to the population of the planet. They also protect the basic right to food for any individual by helping the hunger stricken nations.


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