Best Bites from Fancy Food Show 2015

Best Bites from Fancy Food Show 2015

Every June, the food marketers descend upon the New York City and hawk gourmet cheese, snacks, meats, beverages and many other things at the Fancy Food Show that is organised by the Specialty Food Association. It tried its best to meet all the needs of people who have been digestively challenged. 

The Gluten free products may have become mainstreamed and finding high fibers, whole grains, low sugars become an option for breakfast. If the oat meals start boring you, you can have it on rotational basis. Consuming a portion of gluten free granolas that are made up of super nutritious seeds and some ancient grains can help you to keep the total intake of calories in check. Muesli is nothing but raw granola that has been unbaked. These don’t have any oil that can make granolas calorie free. They come in three variants – apple currant, almond mango and the cranberry cashew. They don’t contain any added sugar for making it sweet due to the presence of dry fruits. 

Teff Porridge contains high proteins from the pseudo grains from the Ethiopia. A good cooked cereal is made up of cooked teff and it is also mixed with a sliced banana, almond, maple syrups and almond milk that have vanilla flavour. It is very delicious and is worthy to have in breakfast that can substitute oatmeal fatigued. It has about 15 – 20 minutes and it is same as the white rice or quinoa. It necessitates a ratio of three parts water and one part of teff. 

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