Whole Foods Market Customers Are Consuming More Sugar Due to Faulty Labeling

Whole Foods Market Customers Are Consuming More Sugar Due to Faulty Labeling

In the age of marketing, we never know what exactly we are consuming. Many researchers have pointed out that diet food contains more sugar in it. The whole foods market was accused of overcharging innocent customers recently and now another scam has been exposed by the same company. The retailer labeled sugar as evaporated cane juice; this means customers consumed more sugar than they should as per the labeling. The company defended the labeling by saying that this is a common industry term for sugar. Lois Bryant based in Missouri filed a class action lawsuit against the firm. The whole foods market has been accused of fake advertising to boost sales.
The company has denied all charges and informed that evaporated cane juice is sugar. Even the customers are aware of this fact because it is added to sweeten the product. The labeling simply means it extra sweetener obtained from the sugar cane, according to the response filed by company in court. Bryant purchased cookies from the store which mentioned sugar and brow sugar ingredients differently along with separate mention of cane juice extract.  The Food and Drug Administration has shown interest in reviewing the guidelines regarding the use of word evaporated cane juice.
No one knows how much correct is Whole Foods Market when federal regulations already say that any kind of juice is not sweetener and it should be mentioned separately. Meanwhile customers of the Whole Foods Market are going ahead with consumption of more sugar than mentioned on packaging.




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