Top healthy foods for summer

Top healthy foods for summer

As summer has already knocked our doors and we want to enjoy some tasty food which will help us in reducing our body temperature but it should not affect our health. Today we will discuss about some of the foods which are healthy as well as tasty and you can enjoy them this summer. Salads: salads are starters and it consist of low calorie, low fat but it consists of high content of water.

You can add tomato, onion, carrot, cucumber etc to your salad serving. Fresh juice: Prefer fresh fruit juice in summers, if you can’t arrange fresh juice then you can also go for tetra back of fruit juice. You can enjoy juice of fruits like grapes, water melon, lemon, pomegranate etc in summers. Carrot juice is best option available in summers as it keeps our body cool and protects he body from diseases. Butter milk and coconut water:

Milk and milk product should be avoided in summers, but you can enjoy butter milk in summer. It is rich in Vitamin C hence it cures various diseases like ulcer, indigestion etc. While talking about coconut water, it helps our body by protecting the body from kidney diseases, lung diseases and it is also good for our eyes.

We should drink coconut water daily empty stomach in morning . It also consists of sodium which helps us in blood purification. You should also consume fresh fruits, dry fruits and nuts. They are too good for summer. Because they are light food and water content is also high which helps in reducing the temperature of the body.


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