Singapore’s Street Food Culture Under A Threat Of Extinction Under Demands Of Modernization

Singapore’s Street Food Culture Under A Threat Of Extinction Under Demands Of Modernization

Contemporary Singaporean street food culture is at threat. The young don't seem to be interested to follow in the footsteps of the generation that has taken up to food hawking. Hawkers who have children who help them with their food business consider themselves lucky.

In the face of all this, the Singaporean government is pulling up its socks to keep the tradition alive. This is in line with the Singaporeans' love for food and shopping. Singaporean food typically reflects the variety of people who have come to live here. These include the Chinese, South Indians and Malays.

The mixture of the cultures makes the Singaporean cuisine unique and distinct. One can expect a decent meal at a price of S$ 3 or US$ 2.2. All this is poised for a change now. Street food in Singapore threatens to get more expensive.

There are the popular Western food outlets in Singapore like McDonald's and Subway to cater to the culinary needs of the denizens. But the fact that more and more Singapore citizens can afford an expensive and better option has given way to food outlets manned by celebrity chefs like Mario Batali.

But at the end of the day, Singapore street food still means chicken-rice to many, carrot-cake to many others, or it can spell radish-cake for some people in Singapore. The government has come up with a program to encourage street food in Singapore. 

Young men willing to take up the trade are being paired with experienced hawkers. But the scheme doesn’t seem to have many followers. The task of hawking is viewed with contempt in literate circles.


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