Is barbecue bad for your health?

Is barbecue bad for your health?

Barbecue isn’t just a way to make a nice meal, it is also about hanging out with your friends and enjoy a beautiful day. Although, humans discovered that they can use fire to roast a meat, before 400.000 years, it is still one of the most popular ways to do that. Barbecue is widely popular. For example, in the US, 90% of households like barbecuing. In the Europe numbers are a bit lower, but it is also very popular.

The right question is, is barbecue bad for your health? The answer is simply, yes. Although, every person, especially a barbecue lover doesn’t want to hear this, barbecuing isn’t healthy! Normally, meat contains creatine, which is important for our muscle cells. Well, when it is exposed to high temperatures, it forms compounds known as polycyclic aromatic amines and hydrocarbons. These compounds are known as carcinogens! Simply said, they can cause cancer. This is even more serious if we know that many people eat a lot of barbecued meat, during the whole year.

The second problem with barbecued meat is linked to obesity. Meat contains a lot of calories, and barbecued meat has that smell, that is simply said perfect. Because it tastes good, and during barbecues, people eat more other, delicious food, it is easy to eat more than you want. People who are on a diet and want to lose weight, should avoid this kind of meat. Kids shouldn’t avoid this type of food as well. They also can gain more weight due to barbecued meat. Already many people know that barbecue meat is something they should avoid, but still they enjoy eating it.

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