Four Foods That You Should Avoid Before Bed

Four Foods That You Should Avoid Before Bed

Going to bed with a full stomach can do more harm than good, but I am sure you knew that but what you did not know is that there are some certain meals which you should avoid in an event that you must just eat at night and in this article I will be sharing with you four foods that you should avoid before bed.

Red Meats
Red meat is known to be very high in protein and as a result you should avoid it due to the fact that when you sleep your body will be working extra hard so as to ensure that the protein has been digested. Basically any food that is high in protein should be avoided before bed.

Doughnuts and Cakes
Fatty desserts which are extremely sweet like cakes should also be avoided before bed due to the fact that they usually tend to digest at a very slow rate as compared to other foods. If you must eat something sweet before you sleep you could go with dried mango or coconut flakes.

Sweet Cereal
Although it might seem as the better option if compared to having burgers, cereals usually have lots of sugar, and this high sugar levels will be stored in your body as fat when you sleep. Instead of cereals I would suggest a bowl of popcorns.

Despite the fact that it is not food, alcohol is to be avoided at all times before you sleep. This is due to the fact that alcohol has a dehydrating effect on your body when you drink it. When your body lacks water all the good restorative work that your body will be doing will be slowed down. If it’s a must that you drink then see to it that you also drink lots of water.

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