Foods that Help with Depression

Foods that Help with Depression

Fighting depression is always an uphill task, requiring great care and determination along the way. The journey could be vastly improved, however, through simple, but crucial adjustments to daily habits.     Here are a few ways you could see that your diet, for instance, helps your recover better.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
Antioxidants and vitamins in fresh produce repress cell damage and deterioration, and in the case of your brain, this could only be good for your mental health. 

Don't neglect your carbs or proteins
People tend to gain a little weight when depressed, but not having enough good carbohydrates and protein in your diet could really affect your mood. These have a great effect on chemicals in your body that help in mood regulation, and so are quite crucial in case of depression. Whole grained cereals are also a great source of selenium, another nutrient associated with mood regulation.

Switch to a Mediterranean based diet 
Mediterranean foods, with their fish, nuts, legumes and olive oil, can be very effective in helping fight depression. They are good sources of omega-3 fats, selenium and folate, all essential for good mental health. 

Eating a balanced diet will help you keep healthy and manage your weight well, which can only be good for your outlook. Follow these simple tips to improve your diet and, thereby, your life, whether you're depressed or otherwise.


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