Foods causing cancer vs. Foods fighting cancer

Foods causing cancer vs. Foods fighting cancer

Our bodies are always changing and sometimes that change could be a disease. There are many problems our society has and one of them is cancer. Nobody knows when it occurs, but the first symptoms appear, everybody starts to question themselves where they went wrong.

Scientists have led many studies in order to see which specific foods are causing cancer and which could reduce the risk.
A healthy life is not only exercising, but also eating well, especially a lot of fruits and vegetables a low processed meat with little salt or no salt at all.

What aliments should you avoid?

• Popcorn. When microwave it is the worst thing you could do to your health.

• Canned vegetables. The main concern isn’t only the vegetable which is canned, but the can itself.

• Processed meat. Most of the meat on the market contains chemicals and preservatives.

• Potato chips. Yet they are a very good tasting quick snack, they are very high in fat and calories.

There is a variety of foods that can prevent and fight cancer and they might be the best idea for you:

• Grapefruit. It is high in Vitamin C, helping to prevent the formation of cancer.

• Peanuts. They are full of Vitamin E which reduces the risk of many types of cancer (stomach, lung, liver)

• Berries. They have many benefits because they contain antioxidants which prevent the cancer and its damages.
There is a significant link between what you eat and your health. Food could be your enemy or your friend through your life.

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