Although many people like eating bread, it is not very good for your health. Bread can be found almost anywhere. From fast- food, pizza to the expensive meals. The reason why we eat bread isn’t because we need the nutrients from it. We like eating it because food should be more tasteful. The second reason why we eat bread is that it is one of the oldest food humankind use! If you think that you really need bread, look at these drawbacks of it!

Bread contains amylopectin A, which is converted into blood sugar. As the result, this increases the level of sugar in your blood and increases level of insulin. This makes your body releasing stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol! People who suffer from diabetes should avoid eating bread. As the end result of high sugar levels, you will be hungry all the time! According to one study, you will have to eat every two hours! This means you will increase your weight. That is the reason why bread is forbidden in every diet!

The more you eat bread, the more you want to eat it. Because it contains gluten, which stimulate brain opiate receptors, you will want to eat more bread every day. This is bad, because bread is hard to digest! It requires very strong stomach acids, so people with stomach problems should avoid eating bread! Although ordinary food in our stomach is digested after few hours, bread is digested after 4 weeks! And beside it is hard to digest, it has no nutrition! So, there is no reason to eat bread. Some food even taste better when you are eating it without bread.


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