An ice-cold milkshake is a refreshing drink than any other drinks. Milkshakes have spread all over the world as a part of American food recipes.
Classic Vanilla Milkshake is still a crowd pleasing favourite recipe all over the world. It is made with vanilla extract and vanilla ice cream.
Chocolate milkshake – made up with vanilla ice cream, milk, chocolate and syrup. This is the second favourite flavour of the Americans. It is very easy to prepare and delicious to drink.
Next come the strawberry flavoured milkshake – made up with milk, whipped cream, fresh strawberries and ice cream. When we think about, it makes you ravenous.
Shamrock milkshake – made up with low-fat milk, green food colouring, vanilla flavoured ice cream and mint extract. We can this at home by preparing a very simple milkshake.
All these healthy milkshakes give us good health benefits. Those drinks will strengthen the immune power, prevent from cancer and give you the healthy glow. It makes you think like you are young still, whenever we drink milkshakes. It will slow down the aging process because it contains vitamin D and it is dairy based. The researchers found that the women those who are fond of milkshakes, they are biologically younger than the others with the same age.
It is very simple to prepare the milkshakes at your home. It is healthier than any other drinks. Not only milkshakes, green tea and lemonade also strengthen the immune system. Lemonade can prevent us from the mouth cancer.




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