Best Breakfast Dishes

Best Breakfast Dishes

Breakfast is the most important part of the day. It provides your body with the required energy to kick start your day and most of the times it also sets a good mood for the rest of your day. It’s only fair that you make the meal as special as can be. Here are some easy breakfast recipes you can go for:- Oats Make a bowl of oats with yogurt, almonds, honey and nuts. Or you can even eat oats in milk and honey/sugar. It’s very quick and easy to make. Sandwich Bread is a magic breakfast element. Almost everything can be eaten with it. Make yourself a sandwich by using the leftover chicken or vegetables or simply make a cheese and tomato sandwich. Eat with a beverage of choice. Make some eggs Star your day with your eggs ‘sunny side up’ or even make and omelet for yourself and eat with bread toasted in butter. Make a classic toast Again, take bread, heat milk with sugar and add bread to it. Eat with a spoon. It’s a dish most of you eat as children. It’s a good morning with a slight touch of nostalgia added to it. Sprouts Make sprouts salad for yourself. It’s an abundance of nutrients to charge you up for the day ahead. Pancakes Make sweet pancakes and eat with honey or chocolate syrup and hot chocolate. Juice Any kind of juice is fast and easy to make. Starting your day with a large glass of juice will be refreshing. Posted by Dorothy Wheeler 4/3/15

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