Benefits of fruits

Benefits of fruits

There are too many benefits of eating fruits. All fruits are full with vitamins and minerals essential for our health. The real question is which fruit to eat. Different fruits contain different minerals and vitamins, so you will have to eat fruits that contain minerals and vitamins that you need

One of the best, and most used fruit, are bananas. They are full with potassium, which is good for your heart. And, it is useful against cardiovascular system, and it will prevent high blood pressure. Because they contain tryptophan, which is used in production of serotonin, bananas are useful against depression. This will also effect on your mood, making you a much happier person. If you want to reduce your weight, bananas can help you. They are sweet, so very fast you get the feeling that you are full, and because they are full of fiber, you wouldn’t be hungry for some time. Bananas are also important for your vision, bones and in prevention of cancer.

If you don’t like bananas, eat apples instead. There are many benefits of them, but some of the most important, are also essential for people. Eating apple will stimulate saliva production, which means that you will have healthier teeth. They are useful against many diseases, like Alzheimer’s, because they slow down the aging of your brain. They are also helpful against Parkinson’s. Although the main reason why they can prevent this disease, some scientist claims that they help you in eliminating free radicals, which are responsible for damaging cells. Reducing cholesterol is one more benefit. By doing this, you reduce risk of heart attack and many heart diseases.


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